Insurances mandatory

What insurances are mandatory in the Netherlands

If you are moving to the Netherlands, you need to arrange some insurances. The insurances are not very expensive in the Netherlands. The follow insurances are mandatory by Dutch law : Basic Car Insurance (WA Verzekering) and a Health Insurance (zorgverzekering). Everyone who lives in The Netherlands is obligated to have Dutch Health Insurance.  

Insurances are mandatory according some contract

If you rent a house most rental agreements make it mandatory to have a Liability Insurance and Household content. A liability Insurance coverage to the damages that your family or pets cause by accident to other parties. Household content coverage all damages by water, storm, fire and theft of your furniture and personal belongings. If you

Good to have private insurances

You can also opt for other private insurances. Life Insurance compensates your family in case of death. Legal assistance insurance covers cost of lawyers and other legal services for example disputes labour issues and consumer conflicts. The most expats travel a lot. Travel Insurance is extremely useful. It covers the cost of flight cancellations, luggage loss and theft and medical costs.


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