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Causes of homeowners insurances loses

In 2018 a decrease by 12 percent of fire related claims on the home insurance and household content insurance according the dutch ‘verbond van verzekeraars’  There was a decrease by 5,7% related claims for theft. had a claim, including theft.
Claims 2018
1. Storm claims 300.000
2. Water claims 298.000
3. Fire claims 80.000
4. Theft claims 69.000

Non-Life insurance

Non-life insurers come to the rescue each year in about 100,000 fires, 300,000 cases of water damage and a million car damages. In addition, two violent storms raged in January 2018 which inflicted a total damage in excess of 450 million euros. This resulted in a fairly high claims burden in 2018, causing a decrease in the result for that year. As much of the damage was reinsured, the result after reinsurance remained at the level of 2017. The non-life premium volume increased in 2018.


Cover home insurance and household content

Household content 

If the contents are situated in the home, we will reimburse the damages ensuing from an unexpected incident. Therefore, you are insured in the event of fire, thunder, explosion, precipitation and burglary, as well as if a child breaks a lamp by accident.
You will have limited cover:

– outside of the home, albeit on the parcel of land on which the home is situated; outside of the parcel of land on which the home is situated

Home insurance

Insured for damage or los due to fire, lightning or explosions. Theft , storm and vandalism


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