Buying a house in The Netherlands

The Dutch Real Estate Market

After a housing boom lasting almost 15 years, the Dutch housing market weakened in 2018 during the financial crisis. The recovery starts in 2014 from 2014 till 2019 Q3, house prices rose by almost 37% nationwide. The prices of houses in The Netherlands are still rising, albeit less rapidly than before, and the housing shortage continues. This makes it increasingly difficult for the average Dutch person to be able to afford a house. 



Buying a house in The Netherlands

The maximum mortgage in The Netherlands is 100% with exception if you buy sustainable products like Solar panels than you can get maximum 106% of the market value of a house. Applying for a mortgage of 100% results in the highest intrest rate. The lower the mortgage will ben in relation to the market value, the lower intrest rate will be. The type of mortgages are a Annuities mortgage and Linear mortgage. The most advisors are not specialized in expat advise it’s higly recommended to choose a specialized expat mortgage advisor. 


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