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European Insurance was very helpful to advice me about insurances and mortgage. I was very impressed from their professionalism and commitment to customers

Amy Adams
Msrketing, Coolblue

For all expats who coming to the Netherlands or live here already, European Insurance has a special insurances expat package. Two insurances are  mandatory in the Netherlands : Basic Health Insurance and Basis Car Insurance (WA)

You can also opt for other private insurances like Liability insurance, household insurance, home insurance and travel insurance. The package has sharp premium and discount with more than two insurances. Everything is in English

Individual Expat Insurance package

Personal Liability
Household contents
Home insurance
Car insurance
Travel insurance
Health insurance

Good reasons to take out European Insurance Expat Package

Benefits :

  • Quality insured
  • English customer service
  • Sharp premium
  • Discount with package
  • 24/7 advice
  • Easy submit a claim


  • Students
  • Individueel expats
  • Expat groups

You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.

frequently asked questions

First of all everything is in English. The individueel expat insurance is developed with coverage for you individueel needs

You don’t pay anything we get a commission of the insurance company to give you a free advise and help you with future claims

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