Expats buy a house in the Netherlands instead of renting

While the rent is higher every year, the current interest rates of a mortgage are extremely low in the Netherlands. And low interest, equals low monthly payments. It is most likely that the rental prices cannot compete with the mortgage payments you have to pay.

Buying a house has its advantages compared to renting a house, but it has some downsides as well. It is important to find out what you feel the most comfortable with and if it is practical and financially attractive to move forward.

If you foresee yourself moving to a different country, two years from now, buying a house is probably not the best idea. Not only do you have to invest some of your own money, you need to sell the house as well because renting out the property is (most of the time) not allowed by many mortgage providers. Renting out when you are abroad for a short while may be possible. If this scenario is likely, be sure to consult your mortgage advisor from Europeanisurance.nl

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