our approach

Every customer and situation is unique. We serve our clients with finding a house, mortgages, insurances and utilities.

Steps :

  1. you need to have a citizen service number (BSN)
  2. talk to one of our consultants before you start looking for a suitable home.
  3. look for a new home
  4. preparing your mortgage application
  5. go to the notary becoming a owner
  6. arranging taxes
  7. arranging home insurances
  8. arranging utilities : energy, internet and water
  9. preparing moving
  10. enjoy new home

Specialized in insurances for expats


Set-Up your utilities free of charge


We help expats finding the best mortgages with the cheapest intrest.

Consumer loans

We arrange personal loans for zero- energy building or to buy a boat.

how can we help you?

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European Insurance was very helpful to advice me about insurances and mortgage. I was very impressed from their professionalism and commitment to customers

Amy Adams
Msrketing, Coolblue

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